Aluminium windows and doors for sandwich elements.

Alab Aluman designs, produces and sells aluminium windows and doors for the most popular sandwich elements among property owners, architects and customers.

Alab Aluman manufactures aluminium windows and doors. We have a proprietary system for door and window mouldings which significantly reduces assembly time in sandwich elements.
Alab Aluman’s history – from doors to sandwich elements

Our range of windows and doors

  • Cost-effective system
  • Simple, attractive and timeless design
  • Speed and flexibility

Delivery dependability

Delivery dependability has been our strength for many years. What’s more, our AAA credit rating with credit company Soliditet gives our customers even greater peace of mind at a time when it’s not just a question of who you’d like to do business with, but who you can afford to do business with.



The difference in overall cost for 1,000mm x 1,200mm aluminium windows (index 100) and Alab Aluman’s system for the same dimensions Approx. 20%.

The Alab Aluman System is designed for quick and easy installation in sandwich elements. This guarantees you significant savings compared with traditional windows and the post-installation touch-up work they require. Quick assembly, easy installation and a seamless system all combine to improve any industrial building project.

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Simple mounting solution

Mounting IF65 Mounting IFS65 during element installation Mounting IFS65 after element installation